Monday, November 19, 2007

So it is Thanksgiving week! First of all, what is with the weather?! This is craziness! Saturday and today were sooo beautiful! But, then Gary Lezac the weatherman says that it is probably going to snow on Wednesday night and on Thursday! Well, that is Kansas for you! So, our weekend was busy as usual. The kids played outside for most of the day on Saturday while I went to a Stampin Up Christmas card party at my friend Jenn's house. It was, of course, so fun as all Stampin Up parties are, and we made some really cool stuff. Then on Saturday night I got to go out for a girl's night with all of my best girl friends from high school and college. One of my friends, Jen, moved to Virginia in July, and she was back in town so I got to see her and hang out and it was soooo fun! We went to P.F.Chang's on the plaza (YUUUUMMMMM!) and then one of my friends, Brooke, her parents live on a condo off the plaza which has a room upstairs where we just got to sit and talk and hang out. It was just such a great time with friends who I don't get to see a lot!
Yesterday was very relaxing, just hanging out...watching the chiefs lose...again!!Oh well, I did watch the Amazing Race and my favorite couple won, so that helped!

So, today the exciting news is that Camryn has gone potty in her potty 3 times!!!! Once yesterday and two times today!! We are on our way to being diaper free!!!!!
I am so proud of her and I took this picture of her sitting on her potty, and i tried to keep it decent. We are so proud of her!

On my friend Jenn's blog she posts three reasons that she is thankful on every post, and it is just the coolest thing to read all the things because it really shows how God does bless us so much each day, even on those days that it is harder to find something. So in honor of Thanksgiving week I will be posting three things every day that i post this week. So here they are:

1. God's amazing heart of mercy (If you were at church yesterday you know)

2. My girl friends from high school who have been with me through so much and whose friendships I treasure more than they know. I love you girls!

3. The gorgeous weather that we have had this weekend!


emily said...

yah camryn!!

Andy & Alli said...

Did you get the picture I sent through kodak? I expect to see it posted on here... :)