Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Baby Card

This is a baby card that I have had made for about a week now for one of my best friends, Jeanna.(The picture is not that good because I took it with my cell phone instead of my camera, because my camera is not working right now.)She just had her third child today, Lucy Caron Lichtenberger, at 2:11pm today and I hear she is beautiful just like her mom! Jeanna and her husband James have been really awesome mentors and friends to us over the past year. They are also the leaders of our small group, and James is in charge of the student ministry at our church. So we get to see them a lot, which i love. I have really been praying for Jeanna and the delivery of Lucy, so praise God that everything ended up good and now they have a beautiful new addition to their already beautiful family! I can't wait to meet her!
Other than that news today has been pretty ordinary. But tonight is going to be really good because I usually work at Old Navy every Tuesday night, but tonight they didn't schedule me and so I am going to instead go to Borders and just spend a much needed extended time doing my bible study. I LOVE just going to Borders and sitting in the coffee shop and reading. I used to do this all the time pre children...ahhhh, how life changes......for the better, of course, just different. so, catch you all later!


Adrienne L. said...

Hey sorry I was so distracted today at the coffee shop. Anne had driven a long way to meet with me, so I wanted to be sure to give her my full attention. We'll have to plan a time to talk there when I can listen better. :)

Anonymous said...

hope you had a great night at borders! love the card!

emily said...

hey alli! hope your night at borders was fun! i'm jealous...i want a night like that...i love to sit there (especially at borders) and people watch! all right, have a great night!!

Sarah said...

Ummm cutte picturess lover! We need to catch up soon! hopefully i will get better, but your so right about blogs not being creepy lol

jeanna said...

i keep forgetting to tell you that my dr. commented on your card. he thought it was so cool to have a personalized card so soon. i told him that we are going to frame it. SO CUTE!