Friday, November 16, 2007

Rough Day

So, today hasn't been the greatest day. OK, honestly, it's been pretty crappy. Some of the reason why it isn't great have to do with my own choices and stupidity, like the fact that I have not been smart or careful at all about how much i have been spending lately and so we are really suffering the consequences of that. And I have just said some things today to different people that in hindsight I should not have said, and am now worrying over what the consequences of that will be and how to apologize for my own stupidity. But some of it has been just stuff that happens, like Camryn getting bitten on the face by another child today while she was in childcare for my bible study, and since then she has just been super crabby all day long.(not like i don't blame her). It just has been a rough day. So, tonight I really hope to go over to one of my friend's houses to do some scrapbooking to relieve some of the tension. We'll have to see what my husband says. I am glad it is Friday. So I am sorry to be a downer today, it's just been that kind of a day. oh, well, we all have them. Hopefully I will be in better spirits for the next post. See you soon!

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Anonymous said...

you'll be okay. we allllll have had moments like this. i'll be praying for you! i have some money for you the clothes you gave me for aidan yesterday. thanks for the blessing! it was so much fun hanging out with guys!