Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Fun

So the night of candy mania is over! Seriously, this holiday is not very toddler and preschool age friendly. I know they absolutely love it, and they do look SO cute in their little costumes, but it is just hard. For instance-this year Cole wanted to be Spiderman, of course, because he is obsessed with Spiderman, and so we bit the bullet and bought the Spiderman costume, which of course, is not cheap. But the costume has a face mask with it that just has little holes for eyes, and so you can hardly see out of it. Cole didn't like that, so he didn't want to wear the face mask. SO i had the genius idea to go out and get a pack of face paint to paint his face like Spiderman, and mind you, I never got an E in art back in elementary school, I always got an S, (which really irked me because I thought E stood for effort, which I always gave great effort, the result just wasn't really good) ANYWAY, I am not an artist so I was pretty nervous to try to paint his face, but after about 45min. of painting I got it done, and I thought it actually turned out really great, but as soon as it was done Cole started running around like he does, and it immediately started to rub off! I was so mad, and I kept telling him...sit still! don't move around so much!......yeah right!! Well, it was what it was, and Rich was actually pretty impressed.

SO, Grace was Aurora, or Sleeping Beauty for those of you Disney princess amatuers, and Camryn was an adorable ladybug/butterfly thing. They all looked precious of course but it was pretty late when we got started, and cold, and they just have a pretty short attention span for this kind of stuff. But we went to Rich's parents house and then to my parent's house where they each had special treat bags for the kids, which were so sweet, and my parent's always do sweet things like that, and the kids of course love it so much, and the toys that they put in there are always so fun, and my parents are big on healthy foods, and so they have great snacks without sugar. Thank you so much mom and dad for the fun bags, the kids loved them! And my parents also had yummy vegetable beef soup for us that was a perfect way to warm up after trick-or-treating. So, all in all it was a really fun night, but I think it will get more fun as the kids get a little older. And of course the daily battles over the candy has begun....but I am determined to stay strong! Alright, hope everyone else had a safe and fun Halloween!


emily said...

they look great alli!

Anonymous said...

you crack me up. you did a great job with cole's face! they look so cute!