Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I know, I know, it has been forever since i last posted. It is actually not because I have been busy or anything, but simply because we haven't really had anything new and exciting going on in the last few days worth posting. We of course had a pretty busy and full weekend, but nothing really happened out of the ordinary in our family, except we did get some more family photographs taken by Allyson, but I haven't actually gotten to see them yet, so I will post as soon as I get all of them. So today Cole and Grace both had school and so Camryn and I hung out and I tried to work on my bible study. We just started this new study on prayer, and our leader Lisa is kind of just putting a lot of different stuff together to create the curriculum, and letting the Holy Spirit be the primary teacher. It was an awesome first week and the stuff that she has us doing this week are so awesome too, but I am finding it much more difficult to do with my kids awake then my other studies. I decided this is definitely the study that is going to test my will to get up in the mornings. Because we are really spending concentrated time in prayer it really has to be at a time when it is really quiet, and obviously that only comes in the early morning here before the kids get up. This is when i always feel like is the best time to have time with God anyway, but I just keep battling my selfish nature that wants to stay in bed until the last possible moment. I was doing pretty good for a while this summer, but I have really fallen out of the habit lately. So, I hope that through this study I can renew my commitment to giving the first part of my day to God.
So it really feels like November today, BRRR! I am always so ready for the cold weather to get here, and then I am usually done with it by early January. This is my favorite time of year though, I am already anticipating the Christmas season. Of course, if you look around, people try to start the season so early these days. It kind of irritates me because I know that the media and big businesses try to capitalize on the spirit of the season and begin their ploys to make you buy, buy, buy. I always am in constant battle to try and resist getting sucked up in everything else that comes with the season and just focus on what is most important-Jesus.
Well, we are off to the library to find the kids some books, I haven't taken them in a while and they have been asking lately. See you all soon!


Jenn said...

i'm so glad you finally posted... i feel like i've seen you briefly over the weekend but never actually talked to you! i'm excited to hear how your prayer study is going... i really wanted to join the friday morning group b/c it sounded like a great study but we haven't finished our mon. night study yet and i'm already flunking that one so i figured starting another study wouldn't be wise! see you tomorrow night! love, jenn

jeanna said...

hey sister- missed you on sunday night. i keep meaning to call and check on you b/c you said you all were coming. i have been prayng for you and all the youth leaders tonight. i am so excited to hear about the new study. love, jeanna