Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Good Day

Today was so good. We had MOPS this morning and it was SO fun! My friend Marietta, who is a hair stylist, and her friend, Tracy gave a presentation on fun make-up and hair techniques. It was just so awesome. They did an amazing job! I also got the privilege of being one of the models that they used, so I got to get a make-over. I wish I would have had someone take a picture so i could show you all. She did what was called a "smoky eye" on me, which is a very dramatic look for like a formal, and i honestly don't think i could even begin to try and do this look on myself if I wanted to, but it really was so fun. I think all of the other ladies really liked it and had fun too, I just love MOPS! The other AWESOME thing that happened at mops was that I won the meal! We always give away a meal with a drawing and today i won! So Linda Jensen brought me a meal, and it was FABULOUS! Someone bringing you a home-cooked meal has to be the best thing ever. So I still haven't done the once a month cooking that i was going to do with my mom. I am still trying to gather some recipes, so if anyone has any good ones send them my way please! Then tonight we had youth group and we started a new series on the fruits of the spirit. We had a longer small group time which was really good because I never feel like we have enough time. I could sit and talk to the girls forever. Well, I am off to bed after a very satisfying day!


Andy & Alli said...

you can borrow my "once a month cooking" book if you want

jeanna said...

jenn and i just cooked a bunch of meals, so i will let you know which ones were good. i wish i could have seen you yesterday!

Holly.C said...

heeey, I loved your blog!
But, I'm kind of new here, so, I don't know how to use it...Would you help me?