Sunday, September 28, 2008

6 Word Memoir

So my brother in law, Justin Moxley, preached this morning at church. He is amazing. This was one of my favorite messages that he has ever given. He talked about how we as Christians have been called out of a tomb, we have been made new. He used the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead in John 11. But the most amazing part of his sermon talked about Ernest Hemingway and how he was asked to write a six word memoir of his life. And after going into the mountains for some time, he wrote what some called his greatest work.
This was it-For Sale. Baby Shoes. Never Worn.
He then talked about how a magazine had done something like this where they asked people of all ages to write their own 6 word memoirs to describe their lives. He read some examples and they were all so profound. Then he talked about how we as Christians have a story of before Christ called us out of the tomb, and we have a story that He is making now. So then he had members in our congregation walk across the stage and hold up a sign with their memoirs of before Christ and then flip the sign over and they had the memoir for after Christ. It was amazing. He of course challenged all of us to write our own memoirs for before and after Christ. Usually I agonize over something like this and try to articulate exactly what i want to say, but for this i was able to write finish it during the service.
So here is my 6 word memoir of my life before Christ:
Always striving.
Nearly Living.
Completely Pretending.

And after Christ called me out of the tomb:
Totally Forgiven.
Still Striving.
Learning to Trust.

(By the way, i know there are 7 words in the last one, but i thought it was ok.)

Happy Birthday Camryn!

My baby girl turned 3 yesterday...this is totally depressing...she is getting farther and farther away from a baby. My last one, and it is just so hard to let her grow up. But man, is she still cute. She is a total handful, way smarter than her 3 years, knows no strangers, can talk your ear off, and has the most beautiful Caribbean blue eyes i have ever seen. I call her my "precious", "peacher", or just "my peach". She is truly, truly truly a blessing to our family and just like each one of them she brings something totally unique and wonderful into our family.

It was beautiful weather yesterday and we had the family over for some soccer fun with the cousins, some ladder football, and great times with the family. Our family is so amazing.....really, amazing....and we always have a total blast when we get together. And the competitive spirit is always out in full force!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Both Grace and Cole have started doing soccer. Cole has been playing since he could walk thanks to his daddy, but this is the first organized thing we have put him in. He is doing Olathe Rush's Micro soccer program where he just goes for an hour a week and does basic drills and some scrimmaging. Grace was on a tball team this summer with a bunch of girls from her school, and we had so much fun, and she loved it soooo much that when those same girls invited us to do soccer we thought, why not? She had her first game two weeks ago, and it started raining towards the end and we all got totally soaked, but she did sooooo good! She surprised all of us with how well she hung in there, running up and down the field in the middle of the herd! She really has some good dribbling skills. Last week her game was rained out, but we are so looking foward to this week's game because it so fun to watch her!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Best 5 Years of My Life...

Baby, I love you more than ever, and words cannot begin to express how thankful i am to God for giving me the most amazing gift of an incredible husband. You have helped me to grow so much, and I can't wait to grow old with you. Happy 5 year anniversary!

So I was reading Beth Moore's blog today and her daughter posted on there an excerpt from a book called Devotions For A Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. It basically so well put into words what i hope my marriage always looks like.

Personal worship is an absolute necessity for a strong marriage. It comes down to this: If I stop receiving from God, I start demanding from others. Instead of appreciating and loving and serving others, I become disappointed in them. Instead of cherishing my wife(husband), I become aware of her(his) shortcomings. I take out my frustrations with a less-than-perfect life and somehow blame her(him) for my lack of fulfillment.But when my heart gets filled by God's love and acceptance, I'm set free to love instead of worrying about being loved. I'm motivated to serve instead of becoming obsessed about whether I'm being served. I'm moved to cherish instead of feeling unappreciated.

So here is to a lifetime ahead of worshipping my God, and in turn, the other relationships in my life, primarily my marriage will be blessed!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Some great songs

These are two songs that I am absolutely loving right now, mostly due to the words. They are soooo powerful, and i have found them to be so true in my life, and especially being a youth leader I think these songs hold a lot of truth for that age too. The first one is by Chris Sligh, who was an American Idol finalist, and is now a Christian artist. And the video is a new one by Casting Crowns. It is one that gets you, fo sho. I put the lyrics to the first one so you could read them. Hope everyone is having a good week!

Empty Me

I’ve had just enough
Of the spotlight when it burns bright
To see how it gets in the blood
I’ve tasted my share
Of the sweet life and the wild ride
And found a little is not quite enough
I know how I can stray
And how fast my heart could change

Empty me of the selfishness inside
Every vain ambition and the poison of my pride
And any foolish thing my heart holds onto
Lord, empty me of me so I can be filled with you

I’ve seen just enough
Of the quick buys of the best lies
To know how prodigals can be drawn away

‘Cause everything is a lesser thing
Compared to you, compared to you
‘Cause everything is a lesser thing
Compared to you, so I surrender all

Slow Fade