Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Beware-super lovey dovey photos alert!

So, last weekend one of my greatest friends, who also happens to be an amazing photog, Allyson, who a lot of you know, took Rich and I downtown to the crossroads arts district to some of her fav photo spots and took some amazing photos of the two of us. It was totally fun, and i am going to cherish these photos for a long time. I really loved them because you know when you go to other people's weddings after you have been married for a couple years or so, and you watch the groom and bride dancing or doing whatever, and they literally can't take their eyes off of one another? I am always a little sad thinking, oh....i really want to go back to that feeling! But when i look at these pics i still see some of that attraction physically, because, husband is a totally hottie! But I also see a deep love that only comes from 5 years of doing life together. We have had some definite rough times along our road, but so far when they have come we have pushed through and remembered to always fall back on what we know to be true-that Christ has got to be the center of our marriage for it to work, and it isn't easy, and there will be days that it definitely doesn't feel like love, but those times only remind me that Rich is not my God. I cannot find my fulfillment in him-there is only one God in my life, and he will never fail me. So hopefully you can enjoy this slideshow and sorry if they are too lovey dovey for you, but I am so thankful for Allyson's creativity and eye for capturing the moments. Thanks Allyson!


Alli Garlich said...

Those pics are SO amazing! You guys are such a beautiful couple - it is obvious how much you love each other:)

Lisa said...

I love the pictures! I still can't believe it has been 5 years! You guys are awesome!

Jason & Rene said...

I love these pictures too! Awe...I totally agree with you about watching newly married couples stare into eachothers eyes with so much love and admiration.
Thank you for sharing your lovie doviness ;)