Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Friends, friends, friends. I am basically so excited i almost can't type this. Why you say?? Because today is none other than the day that i have waited for for almost two months........THE SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE TOUR!!! Now i just wanted to say that i actually am a new fan of this show, this is the first season that i have watched the show, but the first time that i watched it(thanks to the fact that my friends emily and allyson had been talking about it for like an entire year since the last season and telling me that i needed to watch it) i knew that this show and i were meant to be forever friends. Now i can't imagine my life without it, and i too am am in agony waiting a whole year till next season. Anyways, thanks to my amazing friend Jenn, who is also an avid fan of this show, the two of us are going to the Sprint Center tonight to see Joshua, Twitch, Katie, Mark and Chelsea.......oh, i am getting way too excited now.....! So this post is dedicated to all the other fans out there of this amazing show......and if you are totally clueless about it, but like dance at all you need to watch this show next summer. All the songs that are on my playlist are songs from my favorite routines from throughout the year. I will definitely be taking pictures tonight and i will be sharing those with you all soon.

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emily said...

have soooo much fun!
can't wait to hear about it---don't wait 2 months to post about it :)