Sunday, September 28, 2008

6 Word Memoir

So my brother in law, Justin Moxley, preached this morning at church. He is amazing. This was one of my favorite messages that he has ever given. He talked about how we as Christians have been called out of a tomb, we have been made new. He used the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead in John 11. But the most amazing part of his sermon talked about Ernest Hemingway and how he was asked to write a six word memoir of his life. And after going into the mountains for some time, he wrote what some called his greatest work.
This was it-For Sale. Baby Shoes. Never Worn.
He then talked about how a magazine had done something like this where they asked people of all ages to write their own 6 word memoirs to describe their lives. He read some examples and they were all so profound. Then he talked about how we as Christians have a story of before Christ called us out of the tomb, and we have a story that He is making now. So then he had members in our congregation walk across the stage and hold up a sign with their memoirs of before Christ and then flip the sign over and they had the memoir for after Christ. It was amazing. He of course challenged all of us to write our own memoirs for before and after Christ. Usually I agonize over something like this and try to articulate exactly what i want to say, but for this i was able to write finish it during the service.
So here is my 6 word memoir of my life before Christ:
Always striving.
Nearly Living.
Completely Pretending.

And after Christ called me out of the tomb:
Totally Forgiven.
Still Striving.
Learning to Trust.

(By the way, i know there are 7 words in the last one, but i thought it was ok.)


Lisa said...

This morning was also one of my favorite messages from Justin. I've been thinking about it all day, trying to find the right words to describe my life before and after Christ. I'm impressed that you finished yours during the service!
Love, Lisa

Jason & Rene said...

wow! I can't believe we missed this. Evan had a fever that turned out to be just a double ear infection.
I like yours..It makes me want to think of mine. we should all post ours on our blogs. you never know who might be reading our blogs and it might witness to. it could be a turning point, a pivotal moment in someones life. (chills)
Love you