Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Camryn!

My baby girl turned 3 yesterday...this is totally depressing...she is getting farther and farther away from a baby. My last one, and it is just so hard to let her grow up. But man, is she still cute. She is a total handful, way smarter than her 3 years, knows no strangers, can talk your ear off, and has the most beautiful Caribbean blue eyes i have ever seen. I call her my "precious", "peacher", or just "my peach". She is truly, truly truly a blessing to our family and just like each one of them she brings something totally unique and wonderful into our family.

It was beautiful weather yesterday and we had the family over for some soccer fun with the cousins, some ladder football, and great times with the family. Our family is so amazing.....really, amazing....and we always have a total blast when we get together. And the competitive spirit is always out in full force!


Lisa said...

Camryn is so cute, I love the first picture of her. Happy Birthday!

Jason & Rene said...

She is a beautiful girl! Happy birthday sweetness!
love the Vonmoss 5!