Monday, January 5, 2009

First Monday of a new year...

So a good friend of mine always said that she likes to start something new on a monday. So as the first Monday of the new year, i thought i would start my resolutions today. They really aren't anything different or out of the ordinary for resolutions. Pretty much they are things that i have been saying i want to do for awhile, and yes, i know that 99.9% of resolutions made in the first of January fail, but i won't let the pessimists stop me. i am going to do it anyway. and i thought i would blog about it so my friends, if i have any that still read my blog, could keep me accountable. So if you are reading this, i urge you to ask me about how this is going in a couple of weeks. My first resolution is, of course, to be more healthy. But don't worry, i know that is ridiculously vague so here is the action steps that go along with it.
1. Say bye-bye to ALL pop (sniff, sniff)
2. Eat a healthy breakfast (this may not sound like much to some of you, but i never eat breakfast, i just don't feel hungry at all early in the morning, and i am rushing around trying to get my kids fed and off to school, so it just doesn't happen.)
3. Do some form of real excercise for 20 min a day (again, not much but when you are doing nothing...)
So that is resolution #1, and resolution #2 is also pretty boring and non-original, but it is totally necessary. It is to wake up one hour earlier. The really good thing about this one is that i am going to be leading a beth moore bible study on esther starting this friday, and i soooo excited about it, and am a beth moore junkie, so i plan on preparing and doing my study in the mornings, while i eat my healthy breakfast ;)
So again, i welcome people's feedback and definitely need people to hold me accountable. And i would love to hear your resoutions if you are willing!

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Rene' said...

Good for you!! I am very excited to be able to attend the beth moore study this friday! {fingers crossed I follow through with all of it}
My new years resolution is to not be quick to anger towards my family, to strengthen my marriage & my relationship with Alexis. AND to LOSE 13 lbs...
with that said....I need to stop eating DONUTS... my ultimate pig out food of choice. I can never eat just one. Its ridiculous. so...I will keep asking you how your doing!

see you friday