Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just some random thoughts...

So I just wanted to post some things that i am really liking right now:
1. The Beth Moore Esther study that i am leading right now-every time I do one of her studies i think that this one is my favorite, and this one is no exception.....amazing! And i love teaching. And I love all the ladies that are in it with me.
2. This song that is playing which i heard on this blog that i regularly follow. She has no idea that i exist because she is totally a blog celeb, but everything she does is sickeningly cute.....but i can't get enough! (Also, i am totally not music savvy, so this song might be totally 2008, and everyone has already heard it, but i had never heard it and i LOVED it!)
3. The small group that Rich and I recently started in, and the fact that we are about to start studying one of my favorite books of the bible, Acts, in this group.
4. Iced Tea-Since i have chosen to give up pop this is pretty much all i drink all day long.
5. Slumdog Millionaire-This movie totally rocks. I love that they dance at the end. I think the girl in it is so gorgeous. And it is just an amazing story.
6. The fact that we are having our basement finished right now, and it will be done by the end of next week!! (pics to come soon)
7. The Bachelor-I am shamelessly addicted (thanks to Jenn for making me watch last season's finale) and i have strong opinions about which girls i like and don't like, so ask me anytime if you are interested.
8. The progress that i am making toward my weight loss goal


emily said...

i've heard good things about slumdog...glad to hear you say something about it!

so glad you posted today! i miss you friend!

Allyson said...

oooh, yes.... i'm going to see slumdog millioniare on monday. can't wait. glad to know that another one of my friends is addicted to the bachelor!!!! me too!!!!! i can't wait until last year's bachelorette comes back on the show and starts begging for another chance. ooooh. its gonna be GOOD!!!!

Anonymous said...

i am so happy that you are doing awesome on your "no soda" and then with weight lost. GO YOU =)

i am really diggin the beth moore study this week. it's nice to study this even though i have other classes to work on with school. it's such a great study.

bachelor...yeah... i am so with you and allyson on this one. =)

Rene' said...

I've enjoyed having you lead bible study this time around! Your enthusiasum is refreshing and contagious.

I'm not into the bachelor yet... but I have found myself watching even dumber shows like, "true beauty"... that show is a trip..

see ya soon