Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Best Friends for Life

So I haven't written on my posts on here for a while, and today is not going to be much of an exception because i would never be able to do justice in words to what i am feeling as i write this one. Tomorrow, on new years day, our family will have to say goodbye for now to some friends of ours that over the last couple of years have become like family. Our friendship with the lichtenberger family really started when rich and i joined their small group, about three years ago. Then we have had the priviledge of serving with them on the student ministries team at church, and jeanna and i have been in various bible studies together. And through all of that, our children have grown so close too. As parents you want nothing more for your children than to grow up having such strong friendships with other kids that totally love jesus, and shelby and jesse have so been that for my kids. And precious lucy has allowed me to love on a baby when she would actually let me hold her (she is quite the mama's girl). But all in all this family has been everything that you look for in a friendship, and as so many of you know it is so hard after you are married to find those couple friends that both you and your husband become so close with. So even though i know that our friendship with the lichtenberger family is far from over, which is why i titled this post best friends for life, it is still so hard to say goodbye to them. We are totally grateful to God for intersecting our lives for these few years, and for all of the things that they taught us along the way.

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Jeanna said...

when did you become a blogging regular??? i haven't checked this in so long i didn't even know about this sweet post. i love the pics. i miss you so much. i wish you and the kids were here with me and jenn and the kids. i'd have to ask her, but i bet she'd split gas money with us 3 ways to get you here. what do you think?? love you!!