Sunday, December 7, 2008


I know, I know, I am the worst blogger ever. All my friends in the blogging world have totally written me off as worthless. But if there is anyone still out there reading this, well, here is an update of the last couple of weeks and some pics to go along with them.

First are some pics of a trip we took to Union Station recently with one of my best and dear friends, Jenn and her children to see the sights there. There is the most amazing model train exhibit there that they were all totally enthralled with, and then, of course, the trip was not complete until they themselves got to ride the little train. It was a fun little trip, and I thought I might dress them cute so maybe, just maybe i could capture some good shots, but then i remembered, oh yeah, i am a horrible picture taker, and i have three little children who are going to have no interest whatsoever in taking pictures. Thus, this is what i got out of it.

Look at Kenna's face-is she having a good time or not??

Precious, i know...but horrible lighting.

Again, camryn and mya, not at all interested in the camera, and the crazy woman saying "look over here......say cheese.....over here"

So next set of pics are just some fun pics that i took of the kiddos playing in the leaves over at my friend Julie's house. It was freezing, by the way, so it was a short photo session.

The two older ones are totally precious, but of course, my precious 3 year old just can't quite get the idea of looking at the camera for the full ten minutes that you have to with our camera till the picture actually takes.

ALL RIGHT!! there we go......this one is totally going in the Christmas card!!

And then these last couple pics are at this house that we drove by and had to stop at because we I had heard about it from some friends of ours that these people have, like every blow up Christmas yard thingy that you could possibly have. It is not even arranged in an aesthetically pleasing way, they are just like on top of one another it is so crowded. They even have them all over their roof. I cannot even begin to do it justice in the photos, this is totally one of those things you just have to see to believe. But here are some pics

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Lisa said...

I love the picture of your kids on the side of your blog. They are so cute!!!