Thursday, February 21, 2008

So obviously i have been absent from the blogging world, but this week it was not merely from slacking off. On Saturday I started feeling really tired and icky, and by the time that I got home from work that night I knew that I was pretty much full blown sick. So for the next two days I spent in my bed with a really awful case of the flu (not the stomach kind, just the fever, aches, feel like you got hit by a truck kind) and then strep throat on top of that. UUUGGGHH! It was bad. But thankfully my lovely husband was his handsome and charming self and helped by keeping the kids entertained so I could sleep, and he even took off work on Monday and stayed home, which he hardly ever does, and that helped so much. So it seems like everyone and their brother and sister and all their kids are sick right now! Oh, I just don't remember winter being this bad for this long last year. Today there was snow and ice pelting down for like two hours, and the streets are totally slushy and icy.

We had MOPS yesterday, but it was such a small group, im sure because of a combination of the sickness and weather. We have hardly had any meetings lately, our last one got cancelled because of the snow and it's hard because i feel like we have lost some momentum because of it. I just hope that March feels a lot more like spring, and not like a continuation of this freezing cold snow filled winter.

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