Monday, January 21, 2008

Today was a pretty relaxing day. Cole and Grace are really into playing games right now. They got this box for Christmas that has sets of cards for Old Maid, Crazy Eights, Go Fish, and Memory. Their favorite so far is Crazy Eights, Cole will play that game all day long! It is especially good for me when Grace ande Cole will play during the day by themselves, and it is so cute to listen in on them and hear the funny things that they say to one another while they are playing. Poor Camryn, she just isn't to the age yet that she can play so she gets yelled at quite a bit by the other two for messing up their game. I am sure she will be able to join in soon enough. I am so thankful for how well my kids play together, sometimes I am just amazed at how they will play for hours going back and forth between their rooms and trying on all kinds of dress-up clothes, I really should take more pictures because it is especially funny what the girls can convince Cole to dress in!

So Rich and I are officially members of a gym as of tonight. We have debated about getting a membership somewhere for most of our marriage, but have never done it, mainly because of the financial side of course, but we finally have decided that this is something we really want and we are going to make it a priority to get ourselves into shape. I am really excited, but also nervous. You know when you put off setting goals for yourself because you don't want to fail and you don't want others to know because you just might have to see them through?? Well, I have totally done that with my fitness goals for this year. To be just totally honest I have not really worked out at all my entire life. I just don't really like to excercise. I have always wanted to like it, and Rich is completely the opposite, he doesn't feel like himself unless he is working out, so I have always felt guilty because I didn't like it more. And you know how they say that when you excercise you're supposed to create those endorphin thingies that make you feel all good inside?? Well, somehow I don't think I have those, because it just doesn't happen for me! SO, all to say that this is a big step for me because I really do need to be working out. My youngest child is over 2 now so I really can't use pregnancy or having a baby as an excuse anymore (shoot!) and goodness knows having three kids in five years has done some damage on the body. And the membership is paid for now, so there is no more excuses. I am going to commit to making this a priority!! So if anyone wants to join me in the journey to a more healthier you, give me a holler and we can lament together when we are sore and encourage one another to get back in there!

Last of all I am sooooo excited because I just heard from my best friend Lisa in Arizona, and her and her husband Seth are expecting their first child this June, and they found out today that it is a girl!!!! Congratulations Seth and Lisa I am so excited to meet her!!!


Alli Garlich said...

Why haven't you added my blog to your list of blogs you obsessively visit? I am offended:)

jeanna said...

i am so jealous about the gym. i have never really wanted to go to a gym b4, but now that i have 3 kiddos & it is freezing out i am having a hard time working exercise into the schedule. it has been 10 weeks since i walked on the treadmill! maybe i will have to tag along sometime as a guest. ; )

emily said...

that is so exciting for seth and lisa! and i hear ya about the exercise-ing thang...i have started walking on the treadmill every morning (the one your mama gave me :) )...and it sucks being sore!! a'ight...later was good talking to ya today!!