Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Another Year Gone....

Happy New Year everyone!! So it has been a very relaxing couple of days for us. I love having Rich home for a few days. Yesterday I did something that I have wanted to do for awhile, and my friend Emily finally convinced me to just do it.....I got my nose pierced! Yep, Em and I went down to Westport and I did it, and it was really fun, and not TOO painful. Then last night we went out to dinner with two of our favorite couples, the Cheneys and the Andersons, to one of our favorite restaurants, Texas Roadhouse! It was delicious food, and even better company. I can't believe it is getting so close to when the Andersons leave us :( .......when she told me they were moving it seemed like we would have quite a bit of time, but it has really gone so fast! Rich and I came home last night and cuddled up on the couch and watched a movie together to ring in the new year. I have been really trying to come up with some good resolutions that are realistic, but are also going to challenge and stretch me. Cause that is what it is all about right? How can I grow as a mom, wife, friend, child of God in the next year? So I will give a resolution for each of these roles, that are really only a few of the many that I fill.

1. As a mom I resolve to do much better at listening to my children, and really hear what they are saying-they have such an amazing perspective, and really good senses of humor too! I know how much they value my attention and opinion right now, and I know that that isn't going to last forever.

2. As a wife I resolve to do everything I can to support Rich in this new journey that he is starting on. First of all to just constantly be covering him in prayer. And then to strive to create a home that is always a safe and fun place to come home to so that no matter what kind of day he has had, he is excited to come home.

3. As a friend I resolve to open up my home and inviting new friends as well as old friends over more often. Growing up my parents always invited people over for dinner, especially after church on Sunday, and I really want to reach out to newer people at our church and make some new friends, as well as having lots of get togethers with those really close friends.

4. And finally as a child of God, the most important role that I have here on earth, I resolve to stay committed to spending time with God, especially in the Word. I am pretty good about reading when I am involved in a bible study, but outside of that I am not reading like I should, so I am going to do the plan where I read through the Bible in a year so that I have a plan outside of a bible study.

These are my resolutions for 2008. I know that you all who are my friends and family that I see often can help me keep these.

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emily said...

good resolutions!! how's the nose feeling? i just wish i could blow my dang nose a little harder!!