Thursday, May 22, 2008

Graduations and such

I can't believe that my daughter is now officially a 1st grader! This just blows me away! She had a little music program and was absolutely the picture of cuteness and perfection singing every word and every action. This girl is such a genius. And she could basically run the family for me at any time if needed, she is so organized and always a step ahead!

Grace and her wonderful teacher this year, Mrs. Billam

Grace and Alyssa, a friend from school

And then there is my son. Oh, this boy is going to be such a heartbreaker one day. Just like his daddy. He was so sweet at his little program today, I just can't believe how time seems to be speeding by us, and sometimes i just want to be able to freeze time so that I can try to capture it. But alas, that is not how it works, and we just have to enjoy every moment!

Cole was by far the most handsome, and sweetest graduate of Legacy Christian Preschool's yellow room!

And here he is with his wonderful teacher, Mrs. Deb
And of course I couldn't leave this one out! She is just too cute for words to describe! Thank goodness she has one more year for mommy to enjoy her at home, i am so not ready to let her go yet!


emily said...

look how big they are getting!
and i swear, camryn looks EXACTLY like i did when i was a wee one.
i will find an old photo and upload it to the computer so you can see!

and hey, love how you titled my blog in your sidebar...that's funny. i did not have time to get my stuff together for scrapper of the year this year. maybe next!
talk to you soon.
i miss you like crazy!

Jason & Rene said...

Wow 1st grade! Those are cute pictures...I cried when alexis went to 1st grade ;)

nicole said...

hehe. that top right pic is cute of you.

Jeanna said...

are you seriously never going to post again? i miss reading your musings.

bailey said...

How long until u post again? its been forever!!

C ya wednesday,