Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just not our week...

So we have had a pretty rough couple of days. First of all last Thursday we had to say goodbye to our beautiful purple plymouth van. The transmission went out on it and it costs more to fix it than it is worth so we had to say a sad goodbye. We have known for a while now that both Rich and I's cars are close to the end of their lives, but we were hoping to push it off as long as possible. God has blessed our family soooo much when it comes to cars, the van was actually given to us as a gift from a family in our church who donated the van in the hopes that a family who needs it would get it. Well, when i got pregnant with Camryn i knew that we were going to need a car that could fit 3 car seats, and so someone on the church staff suggested that we were a family that needed a car. What a huge blessing!! It made it even harder to say goodbye to that van because to me it was just such a symbol of God's provision for our family. Well, again we are so blessed because my grandparents were actually planning on selling their van in April anyway, and so they are now going to sell it to us for a very good price. It is a good van that will get us at least another year if not more, and we are so thankful.

So back to why this is just not our week, this morning I had a friend who had offered to watch my kiddos for a little bit, but when i go to start Rich's car (which i had mentioned earlier is also close to the end of it's life, but we had really thought maybe, just maybe it would help us get by until we get this other van in April) and it wouldn't start. I tried for a about 15 minutes, and then i just gave up. So we just stayed here for the morning. Thankfully, I tried again at about 12 and it finally did start so we got to get out for a little bit, but i am still concerned with how reliable it really is. So then, we were going to try again tomorrow with my friend watching the kids, but Cole started throwing up tonight, and has been throwing up pretty bad all evening. So, I guess this just isn't our week. I feel like God is trying to send me a message that maybe I am just supposed to be spending time with the kids. I just HATE being cooped up in my house for any amount of time. Oh well, it is just part of it. This too shall pass. So sorry that i have not been updating the blog as often as i should. So hopefully all of you are having a wonderful spring break, better than ours. Talk soon!

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