Thursday, March 20, 2008

First Day of Spring

Well, thankfully the little stomach bug that we had was only a little over 24 hours long. It was pretty bad with both kids having it coming out both ends if you know what i mean, (sorry i know that it gross and probably TMI but it has been our world for the last couple of days. Anyway, like i said i just HATE being cooped up for any time at all, and so I was SOOOO glad that today the kids were feeling better because God gave us the MOST BEAUTIFUL first day of spring ever, and we just had to get out and enjoy it. So we ventured out to the park by our church today to play, play, play. It was full of families all enjoying the gorgeous weather, and opportunity to let the kiddos run and play. I sat on the bench just soaking up all the sun i could, i just don't know how people ever live in places where they get hardly any sun because it truly is one of the best feelings in the world to feel the warm sun on your face, and with the winter that we have had it makes you all the more grateful that God created this big ball of warmth. So here are some fun pics of us enjoying the day.


nanajan said...

You truly have the cutest, best kids ever. And I don't think I'm biased at all! I'm so proud of you and your mothering through the "not so fun" times of tummy "bugs". Hope all of you are well this Good Friday morning!
Love you, Mom

emily said...

happy Good friday! :)
the day looks perfect that you all had! i'm so glad the weather is turning for you all!!
miss you...glad you hung in there during the rough times :)
love ya girl!!

Jenn said...

ah the light at the end of the tunnel... beautiful days like yesterday are certainly a gift from God! hopefully you all are done with bugs (until the next winter comes along...) see you on Sunday? love, jenn

nicole said...

cute pics.
and i love camryn but tell her to back off- matt's mine.
and you know what matt does now when he's mad at me?
we'll get into a stupid little argument and he always ends the conversation with..."Yeah? Well Camryn loves me more." and that's it! Ugh, boys and babies.

emily said...

so, i'm assuming you are no longer a blogger?