Thursday, December 13, 2007

Here are some pics that my friend, Jen took of my kiddos. Her parents own an ice cream store in Olathe that is AMAZING called Silas & Maddy's and so she took some pics of the kids eating ice cream, of course! So, do i not have talented friends?? I mean these pictures are stinkin' good, and i don't think it is just because they are of my kids! So, Jen, thank you so much for the precious pics and I miss you SOOOO much!!

Today we were at home all day again, this time due to a sick child. Cole was up all night throwing up, and then of course he woke up this morning as healthy as can be and wanting to act as if he wasn't sick. He couldn't go to school so he was upset about that, and i wouldn't let him eat anything except some chicken soup and crackers for lunch, and he was REALLY upset about that. So, it was a great day! I hate trying to keep the girls away from him all day, and trying to keep him still to just rest is nearly impossible. Well, i don't really have much else for today, rich is going to let me get out of the house for a while now that he is home, so i am going to take advantage of that!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the prayers. Hope your kiddos are all done being sick :) We'll let you know if we need something, but I am sure tomorrow will feel so peaceful being at home and not having to do anything for a change. Pray for Brendan. He had a hard time tonight with all the attention on Aidan. Aidan had a few rough spots and Kevin and I had to work together. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow. That is a LONG time to work at ON, I'll say a prayer! Sorry this is long :)

~melissa said...

I was just reading your blog and saw that you love the movie "White Christmas". I love that movie too. I need to find it on DVD. I have it on VHS and my player is not hooked up.
Hope your kids are feeling better.

~melissa p.