Thursday, October 25, 2007

Well, it is another beautiful afternoon and I had to include these pictures that I took earlier today. I am so lucky that Grace and Cole are literally the best friends ever. Sometimes it is funny because they act somewhat helpless when one of them is without the other one. Oh, they have their regular fights everyday, but most of the time they are attached at the hip. They have this just pure and innocent love for one another that I hope and pray that they always keep. They even say that they are going to marry each other (it is so cute when they say it i feel bad bursting their bubble by telling them that isn't going to happen!) They are so into playing dress up too, and not just Grace. Now it is usually Grace telling Cole what to say and what to do and Cole is sweet enough that he usually does it all, but Cole really loves it! (much to my husband's dismay) These pictures just perfectly capture their feelings for one another and if you can believe it the kiss was totally not planned and i didn't tell him to do it, he just did! Oh, one day he is going to hate me for sharing this with you all!

Well, today has been pretty good, pretty uneventful and routine, but usually that is a really good thing in this stage of life. We had another full day yesterday ending with youth group, where I had a really awesome time with my small group of girls. I so cherish the friendships that i am developing with each of the girls. Sometimes i just wish the time that we have to split off into small groups didn't have to end so soon because I feel like I could just sit there all night and talk to the girls and hear about what God is doing with them. What a privilege! Well, i am off to make some cards while my children are still sleeping. See you all soon!

PS-Does anyone do once a month cooking? I am planning a day next week to do it, and I just wanted whatever advice anyone could give me on it. I have never really done it, and I would love anyone's thoughts on the best way to go about it.


Andy & Alli said...

Uneventful? You call me and Mason coming over uneventful? That's the last time we come over!

Adrienne L. said...

Allison, There is a book at the library called something like "30 Days in 8 Hours." It tells you how to cook enough meals for an entire month in one day. I tried it once but got totally overwhelmed and stopped after about 5 meals. I cook once a week and make 3 things at a time. That is about as much cooking as I can handle.

Jenn said...

okay, it is Sunday and you have not posted since thursday... i have been out of town since then and have still managed to post 3 times... get on the ball girl! i keep checking everyone's blogs and emily is the only one that has updated daily! i know that you had beautiful family pics done on Friday so i know that you have been stuff worthy of mention... post, post, post! love, jenn