Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hey all! Today I had a really good morning. Grace and Cole both had school so it was my morning to just have Camryn. Did anyone notice that today is totally beautiful and the picture of a perfect October day?! I went up to the church coffee shop to work on my bible study like I usually do on Tues. mornings and I ran into a friend of mine that was in my sorority at Kansas State. She is one of the sweetest girls and I was so excited to run into her and to see that she has a sweet little boy that is almost one. i am always looking for more cool and fun mommy friends who love Jesus! I also shared with her that I have started this blog and she told me that she also has one and so I visited it of course as soon as I got home and I realized that i forgot something very important about my friend. She not only is cool and fun and loves Jesus, she is also HILARIOUS and her blog absolutely shows that. I am going to have so much fun obsessively visiting her blog! I hope she is ok with me sharing that with you all, because it just made my day today. The kids played outside for awhile this afternoon because as I said earlier it is just the most beautiful day today, and now they are taking a great nap so I can actually work on my bible study since I really spent most of the morning this morning talking and didn't get anything done. Tonight I am working at my part-time job at Old Navy so if any of you need to get out come visit me at the 119th and Blackbob Old Navy anytime after 5:15pm! Well, I better get crackin' on the bible study, see you all soon!

PS-Here is a picture of a card that I made a while back and love because it was made with one of my favorite stamp sets ever-Tall Tales!


emily said...

just checked out your friends blog...so funny!!! hope you're doing good...i miss everyone! see ya soon :)

Jenn said...

LOVE the card! i love that set too but unfortunately don't own it :( anyway, i'm glad that you got to enjoy the beautiful weather... so did my kids and they always go to bed so much easier after they have ran around out in the cool air! yeah for that! that's so awesome about running into an old friend-- especially when it's someone that you would actually want to see again! i'm going to check our her blog-- i'm always up for a good laugh!
love, jenn

Adrienne L. said...

Thanks for the encouragement about my blog. It was great to see you today. And no I don't mind if you blog-stalk me. :)

jeanna said...

Thank you so much for your prayers! They are working. We are much better today. We might even get to a little school. Love you, Jeanna