Saturday, March 21, 2009


So i know, i know i am a horrible blogger. and there is more updates than i could possibly do, so i am just going to start here. i have been thinking about cutting grace's hair for a while, and she has been begging me to do it for a really long time. i have held out because her hair was just so gorgeous and shiny...but really only right after she has washed and dried it. the rest of the time it was getting to be such a pain to take care of. so i finally just decided that it wasn't worth fighting her on it anymore, she really wanted it, it was hair and would grow back soon enough, and so why fight her anymore on it? well, i am sooooo glad that i did it because it is beyond adorable.....but it does make her look so much older, and she is already like a 6 year old going on 16 year old...but she loves it, and it is so much easier! so here are some photos from the big hoorah.

the finished product!

and of course little sister had to get in on the action too!

and brother too!

he looks a little like macauley culkin from home alone to me in this pic!

the ladies man and his main girls after their haircuts

could my children be any cuter??!!


Jeanna said...

Love them!! Grace's hari really does make her look older. She is so beautiful. Such sweet kids. You are so blessed!! Good genes, good genes!

Lyricality said...

Hey! I don't think your kids COULD get any cuter! They gots goood genes! ;) I love happening upon friends' blogs! love you guys!